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Totally wanted to let you know I started following you because of Wingnut Dishwashers union.. musicians that never get enough attention in my opinion! lol

haha i agree, pat’s a genius


I recently went to the wedding of the two people who met ten years ago on a Stephen King forum site. (The same site where my mom met them and most of her closest friends)

This was an actual name card at their wedding.


Favourite first lines of books - IT, Stephen King




Wait so in order to shoot this commercial they actually gave two little kids dildos and said go fight with these

double wait…they used kids playing with dildos to promote gun safety?

This is fucking amazing to me…

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THE DARK TOWER: THE CRIMSON KING (2004) by Michael Whelan

Be sure to catch KING OF THE NERDS tonight on TBS 10 / 9 Central for the Season 2 premiere. The set of Nerdvana this year will feature artwork by our very own Michael Whelan.


I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anybody? 

Stand By Me (1986)